I’m a 19 years-old Chilean girl who is obsessed with japanese idols (especially if they’re from H!P), videogames and sweets. People think I’m weird, and maybe they’re right… but I prefer thinking I’m more of an ‘interesting’ person, LOL.

I’m epic failing at English writing right now, so I’ll just point out some facts of me:

◘ My favourite music group ever is of course Berryz Koubou. Even if I have thousands of posts dedicated to any other group, Berryz is and will always be my nº1.

◘ My native language is Spanish, but I like posting in English because I want the H!O people to understand what I write. Also, I’m really sorry if I epic fail at English sometimes. I’m trying to get better, and this is a nice way of doing so.

◘ Drawing and paiting are one of my top 1 hobbies, but drawing and paiting videogame fanarts while I listen to my favourite music is what I enjoy doing the MOST in the world. Seriously, there’s nothing better than that ♥

◘ I love Japanese language, I’m even studying it. Currently taking an extra 5th level and I’ll be ready to do the basic international Japanese exam! Wish me luck!

◘ I’m a HUGE Risako fan C:

◘ Kim Kibum from Super Junior is mai hazubando lololol

◘ My fav videogames are Tales of Phantasia, Terranigma (both from the SNES) and the Ace Attorney saga! (from GBA and NDS) <33

I love comments, by the way. I’m a happier person when people comment in my blog, lol!

Common Questions:

Q: “Could you please explain your user name? It doesn’t make sense!”

A: Arche is a nickname I picked when I was around 11 years old, because I loved Arche Klaine from Tales of Phantasia. “JoIyO” is just a word I invented when I was around 12, and I used to say it meant everything. Like, it could mean “good” or “bad” or “chair” or “fish”. In a (now dead) Spanish forum I used to be an user for, people remembered me as the “JoIyO girl”. My nickname there used to be Arche Klaine, by the way.

In 2006, when I was about to create my first Youtube+DeviantArt account, I decided that Arche Klaine wasn’t very original. So, I picked “Arche” (because all people on the internet knew me with that nick) and added the “-JoIyO” at the end, because it was a word I loved and actually had to do with me and nobody else.

So, Arche-JoIyO is just a bunch of melancholy haha, it doesn’t mean anything. Uh, such a long answer to that lol.

Q: “Risako or Kibum?”

A: I like them in a different way, but if I have to choose, Risako.

Q: “Since when are you a H!P fan?”

A: Since February 14th, 2007. Yes, Saint Valentine!